Das ist EveHello folks

nice to see you on my page. I hope you enjoy the pictures.
Let me tell you something about myself. My Name is Evelyn Kolczynski and i was born at the end of Nov. 1983 in good old Germany.

I’m a software engineer who’s doing a lot of things in my sparetime. About most of them i’m writing in my personal blog (Eve’s eyes wide open (ger)), but in this site i’ll show you the pictures i’ve shot by myself and loving the most.
In my “work” it’s not essentially to take a technically perfect shot. For me it’s important to take a photo which has been in my mind. Sometimes i do editing my photos but most time i try to take a perfekt shot as i’ve seen. you know?

If you have an opinion, constructive criticism or like my stuff: feel free to leave a comment :)

For mail use this: admin [ape] rampantgreen.com